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Article: How to use a conditioner for your hair. Uses and Benefits of using a hair conditioner.

How to use a conditioner for your hair. Uses and Benefits of using a hair conditioner.

How to use a conditioner for your hair. Uses and Benefits of using a hair conditioner.

Everyone dreams of having a head full of shiny and healthy hair. Whilst some people are blessed with naturally shiny tresses, the rest of us can achieve a healthy scalp and hair with a little extra care and a regular routine. One of the best ways to re-nourish your hair is through conditioner. In addition to nourishing your hair, conditioner also makes it softer and easier to manage. Which is why everyone should make a high quality conditioner part of their routine to make their hair softer from root to tip.

A good hair conditioner is made from oils and emollients. It protects every overworked strand against pollution and dust. You will notice a dramatic improvement in the texture of your hair once you start using a conditioner after shampooing. In short, conditioner is the key to healthy hair! And we’re here to tell you why.

How does a conditioner work?

Conditioners protect your hair's outermost layer-the cuticle. A hair's cuticle controls its water content and protects the inner layers, which provide strength and texture to the hair. Conditioners smoothen these cuticles to make your hair look soft, shiny, and healthy. They also strengthen the inner hair cortex and improve moisture content. Through this, they reduce styling stress. Each person has different needs when it comes to hair conditioners, so choose one that fits your hair type.

Types of Conditioner

  • Deep Conditioner
  • Cleansing Conditioner
  • Leave-In Conditioner
  • Dry Conditioner
  1. Deep Conditioner

As the name suggests, deep conditioners offer hydration to the deeper layers of your hair. These types of conditioners can repair damaged hair that has been chemically treated, coloured, or heated.

  1. Cleansing Conditioner

Also known as CO Washing or conditioner-only washing, cleansing conditioner is used as a substitute to shampoo. Some curlies use the co-washing method as recommended by The Curly Girl Method. Whilst this is an option, we would not recommend this long term as a proper cleanse is needed for the best hair health. To be confident however it’s worth noting, that our shampoo is 100% natural and gentle on the scalp so won’t strip out those natural oils. 

  1. Leave-In Conditioner

Natural and gentle ingredients are used to formulate these conditioners which form a protective coating around your strands while improving the texture of your hair. The major benefit of leave-in conditioners is they protect your hair from all the external damage like sun rays, pollution, and changing weather.

  1. Dry Conditioner

Similar to dry shampoo, dry conditioner usually contains oil and aerosol to instantly add shine without wetting your hair. As with all quick fixes, this shouldn’t be used as a replacement to regular conditioner but can be used when you’re on the go and in need of a hit of hydration.

Benefits of using a hair conditioner after showering

  1. Protects the cuticles.
  2. Makes your hair instantly shiny and smooth.
  3. Prevents hair breakage.
  4. Restores chemically and heat-damaged hair.
  5. It keeps your hair moisturised.
  6. Repairs the surface of the hair fiber.
  7. Hydrophobic properties of hair are regained.
  8. Improves electrostatic, coarse, and forked phenomena.
  9. Makes hair supple, smoothing, more lustrous and flexible.
  10. It supplies some active ingredients like proteins and amino acids to your hair.

But some people may ask why their hair becomes worse after using a hair conditioner? The most likely answer is that you’re not quite using it in the right way. Here’s some tips which tell you how.

How to use a hair conditioner for dry or frizzy hair?

Here’s what you can do:

Wet your hair and apply our deep cleansing shampoo for a gentle yet thorough wash. Next apply the Deep Restoring Conditioner to nourish and soften your tresses. Run the conditioner through your hair and comb through any unwanted knots. Then leave in the hair for a few minutes or longer depending on your need.  Rinse out the conditioner when you’re ready and remove excess moisture. 

Then you can use a Silky Leave-in conditioner for added moisture and as a base for further styling products. 

A quick piece of advice: Carefully read the instructions on how to use conditioner and hair masks which you’ll find on the back of the bottle. Whilst most conditioners are designed to be washed off, some are leave-in (which require you to leave the conditioner in your hair rather than wash out). So, make sure you know the difference to get the best out of your product.

And here’s another top tip: Don’t comb your hair directly after a shower because wet hair breaks very fast. Allow it to dry and then comb it gently to prevent damage.


  1. Should You Use A Conditioner Every Day?

It very much depends. An intense condition once a week is essential but there’s no hard and fast rule. A leave-in conditioner can be used more frequently for styling but a deep treatment conditioner may not be needed as frequently.

  1. Why Is It Necessary To Apply Conditioner After Shampoo?

Shampooing is designed to clean the hair and as part of this process, it can remove the hair's natural sebum. Conditioners then help add back the moisture and nourishment to the hair and scalp .  

  1. Can Over Conditioning Cause Hair Breakage?

There is a small possibility that applying too much hair conditioner can weigh down the hair. But this is more likely with products that use a lot of artificial ingredients.

  1. Is It Necessary For Men To Use Hair Conditioners?

Regardless of your gender, there should be no difference to the way you choose your hair care essentials. Men need shampoo to clean their hair and conditioner for the hair quality, just the same as women. Conditioners are for everyone!

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