Are your products curly girl friendly?
Yes all of our products are curly girl friendly.  This means that they do not contain any sulphates (SLS's), silicones, waxes or drying alcohols.  Whilst our products are curly girl friendly, remember they're not just for girls!
Can I use your products on my children?
All Shedid & Parrish products are made from 100% natural vegan ingredients.  They are naturally gentle on all hair & scalps.  As with trying all new products a patch test would be recommended.  
Where and how are your products made?
Our founder, Jessica, partnered with a biochemist in South Africa to develop a product range specifically for curl & textured hair, which is where it is produced. All our products are made in accordance with EU law and in line with Good Manufacturing Practice standards.
I have sensitive skin can I still use your products and are they allergy free?
All of our products are natural and specially formulated to be extremely gentle, being simple as possible in formulation, even for the most sensitive of skin types. However, we recognize that your body is unique and we cannot guarantee any one ingredient or product to be completely allergy-free for everyone. If you have sensitive skin we recommend that you do a patch test on your wrist, inner elbow or behind your ear, prior to using any of our products for the first time.

What COVID measures do you have in place?
Our products are made in a secure production facility in Cape Town, South Africa.  They are made in according with Good Manufacturing Practice Standards and are fully compliant.  Once shipped to the UK, our products are stored, picked and packed in a COVID safe facility in Kent and then distributed out.  Extreme care is taken throughout the production and distribution chain.