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Salon range for curly & textured hair

Beautiful Bouncy Bountiful Curls

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Shedid & Parrish

At Shedid & Parrish, we produce hair products which are specifically made for curly and textured hair. We have curated these products with 100% natural vegan products which are best for your hair and scalp. All the products are cruelty free which means that no animal is harmed during production. Our products include shampoos, conditioners, curl control serums, styler and afro butter. All products can be distributed worldwide!

Don't just take our word for it

Customer Reviews

"Even a few days after washing, this combination left my hair shiny and in great condition."

Kate Schwarz, Judge for the Natural Health Beauty Awards


"I can't believe how beautiful and smooth my curls are, and there's no crunchiness either. Winner!"

Christie S


"The Shampoo combined with the Conditioner have literally brought my hair back to life!"

Saska Eynon


"Thanks for such an amazing product, I never felt so confident with my curls and always straightened my hair instead!"



"Lives up to its promises, my hair feels deeply pampered, nourished and manageable!"

Florence Knapp


Celebrate your curls

Salon quality every time

Shedid & Parrish delivers the best in salon quality hair care for all curly and textured hair. Using only the best 100% natural, vegan ingredients to ensure hair not only looks beautiful but is being nourished and treated from within ensuring long term hair health. 

About Us

Specialist Product Focus

Afro Butter

A powerful saviour for thirsty hair. Our award winning butter combines shea butter, shea esthers and enriching oils, light enough sink deep into the roots for long lasting stronger strands. 

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