How to dry your hair properly (airdrying isn't the way forward)

Extract from METRO Online:

Think ditching the hairdryer during lockdown was a good idea? Wrong! ‘It’s a common misconception that drying hair naturally is better,’ says Iain Sallis, trichologist and director of the Hair Medics chain of clinics.

‘Yes, the heat and tension of using a hairdryer can cause micro-cracks to appear in the hair’s outer cuticles.

‘However, leaving water in the hair isn’t good for it either, as the cell membrane complex that acts like cement to hold the internal cortex together tends to swell, pushing out until hair cracks from the inside.’

So while hair stays wet and swollen, the delicate fibres that keep it intact are increasingly put under pressure and permanently damaged.

This, then, should be your new hair-drying regime…

2. Apply a heat protecting product

If you’re going to diffuse curly hair, Shedid & Parrish Curl Control Serum (£28) uses a tara fruit and sunflower blend to naturally fight heat while creating a smooth curl.