We are proud to support the Children's Society

The Children's Society is a national charity which fights for the hope, happiness and safety for the most vulnerable children, young people and their families by delivering supportive services locally and nationally, changing systems putting them at danger, as well as lobbying the Government to ensure our society is built for all children. Together, The Children’s Society and their supporters will improve the lives of children and young people and by 2030 overturned the damaging decline in children’s well-being, setting a path for long lasting growth.

At Shedid and Parrish our goal is to build confidence and self worth in every young person so that they have the best possible start in life. We support this change, one child at a time, one curl at a time.

We will donate 10p for every product bought through our site www.shedidandparrish.co.uk. By supporting The Children's Society, we can make impact on the next generation to ensure they grow up in a society built for all children.

From now, each product you buy will go towards helping vulnerable young people lead better lives. The funds we raise will allow The Children’s Society to continue fighting for the hope and happiness of children and young people so they can reach their goals and achieve their potential, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in.

All donations are made through the Work for Good platform to comply with fundraising regulations