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Our planet

Limit Waste - Reuse - Recycle
All of our products come in aluminium bottles and jars with direct-to-bottle printing which reduces the need for additional materials. Unfortunately, we still need to use pumps, however these can be reused and recycled.

When you purchase our bottle products you will see that they come with a screw cap or a screw cap and pump. For your first purchase, please order with the pump, you will need this to use the product. When you re-order, please order the bottle with screw lid. This will reduce your consumption of plastic and in turn our products.  

You can use your pump in any of the products but please make sure you wash it thoroughly between any bottle change. Please see below for the best way to disinfect and clean your pump for ongoing use.

How to clean your pump

1. Thoroughly run the pump through warm soapy water. Ensure that the pump is pressed to allow the soapy water to thoroughly clean any residue inside the pump cavity. Use a dishwashing liquid or similar.

2. Rinse with clean water. Press the pump while immersed in clean water to ensure that all the soap is thoroughly rinsed. Check if the water is clear. If not, then the pump is not clean enough. Repeat Step 1.

3. Rinse the pump in Alcohol (Pure Alcohol or at least 70% Alcohol Sanitizer). Squirt some of the alcohol through the pump. Leave for at least 10 minutes without rinsing.

4. Rinse the pump through again until the water runs clear.

5. You are now ready to re-use your pump in your next Shedid & Parrish product.

Thank you for helping us be kinder to our planet.