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Article: What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

A brand name is so important.  It shares a brands’ values & its identity communicates what it believes in and who it represents and serves.  It sets the tone of a business and tells everyone who you are, what you stand for and why.   


But brand names are often multi layered, there is a story behind their meaning.  As a brand, we thought our name was obvious…but given the number of times we’re asked what it means, we’ve realised it really isn’t.  So let’s start with the first half of Shedid & Parrish.  Shedid is not “She Did”, as in “Wohooo!” or “She Did It!” although that would have been smart!  Nor is Shedid & Parrish  founded by two people, although sometimes we wish it were! Shedid is an Arabic name pronounced “Sh-a-deed” not “Shee-did” and we had to verify that too!


So why Shedid & Parrish #United by Curls?


The name really is in a name.  Jessica, the founder of the brand was adopted; as a mixed race baby with a special mix of Sudanese, Congolese, Belgian & Italian.  Growing up in England with a British - Canadian family and all of their influences.


  • Shedid (Sh-a-deed) is her birth mother’s maiden name.
  • Parrish the name of her adopted family


Growing up, looking very different to those around her, certainly caused Jessica confusion and she struggled with her identity.  She hung onto that birth name Shedid as the only genetic identity she thought she knew.  Thought because it was a name on paper no more.  Parrish by contrast was around her, giving her a different identity, a language, values and culture.


As Jessica grew so did her hair.  And the longer and bigger her hair grew, the more her strength  and confidence in owning an identity of ‘other’ and who she was also grew.


Shedid & Parrish is very much a coming together of these two worlds; an African - European cultural mix with all manner of influences, combined with British - Canadian cultures, accents & values.


And United by Curls?  Well the brand has never been about Jessica’s curls.  She’s never fit into a box - how can she, why would she want to? Curls in themselves are diverse, marvellous and varied - but they are all curls.  Shedid & Parrish as a brand caters to all curls, coils, kinks & waves and  celebrates, supports and nurtures them all - irrespective of any box others may try to put them in.


We are about the curl pattern not the skin tone, inclusive of all genders, ages and ethnicities.


So what’s in a name? At the heart is a mixed race woman, with a story to tell and a purpose for being.  Proudly finding a way through to celebrate and support and unite.  Behind every curl is a story and Jessica is sharing hers through her brand.

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