Black-Owned Beauty Brands To Support Right Now, And Forever

Extract from ELLE:

The beauty industry hasn't been the most inclusive in the past, with brands offering abysmal shade options when it comes to make-up and hair products that don't cater to different textures but, we're starting to see a big shift when it comes to brands designing products that are suited to all people, no matter what their skin tone.

This shift is down to the founders and creators of Black-owned beauty brands that have changed the conversation and highlighted the lack of representation and diversity that's been present within the beauty industry for too long. Take Rihanna's Fenty Beauty, it first launched with 40 foundation shades which not only earned praise from consumers but caused the big brands out there to look at their shade range and challenge them to step-up.

The beauty industry still has a long way to go, with a lot brands and people needing to listen and learn about how they can improve but we can hope that this is just the starting point.

Read on for ELLE's round up of the 44 Black-owned game-changing beauty brands that we should learn from and support now, and always.