19 shampoos that actually make a difference to curly hair (trust us, we've tried them)

If you're lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, for the love of texture, CHERISH IT. I’m talking all sorts of curly hair, from the loosest waves you’re looking to enhance, to those lustrous deep curls and kinks of afro hair. Wherever your curl lies in the hair type chart, the important part here is to make it your crowning glory with a little TLC, and that’s where shampoo comes in.

We know you're probably frustrated with frizz and never-ending tangles, but your wash, dry and style routine can work wonders to tame and define them any way you want. Shampoo is the basis of a good hair care routine, but the information out there doesn't always cater for those naturally curly haired babes, so GLAMOUR has asked Celebrity Hairdresser and Founder of Hi’Demand Hair, Heather Dapaah, exactly what we should be looking for in the hair aisles.

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