Review: Shedid & Parrish's Curly-Hair-Care Line Helped Me Achieve My First Successful, Silky Twist-Out

Shedid & Parrish is the only curly-hair-care line that you'll ever need — no, seriously. I used the entire product range for one week, and all of a sudden, I was able to achieve my first successful twist-out (by my standards, at least). Even my wash-and-gos lasted up to three days, which is revolutionary given my lazy Afro hair sleeping habits. The best part about Shedid & Parrish? It's completely natural, vegan, unscented, and recyclable — and it's specifically formulated for curly, coily, and Afro-textured hair.

"I've struggled just to find the right products, the right stylist, and the right information for such a long time," Shedid & Parrish founder Jessica Parrish told POPSUGAR. "I'm mixed race and adopted, so hair comes from all sorts, who knows where? My parents didn't really know how to look after it, and I went through lots of trial and error . . . Fast forward 30 odd years, and I still didn't see a clear market of products for curls on the high street. It's still quite difficult, and that's really why I wanted to create the brand. I just wanted something that was simple, really clear to understand, and that was for curls. So it doesn't matter if you've got a light curl or a tight curl, or a this or a that. If you've got curly hair, this is for you."