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Article: How To Make the Most of Your Child's Curls

How To Make the Most of Your Child's Curls

How To Make the Most of Your Child's Curls

Having a child with curly hair is awesome. You’re probably used to the compliments and admiring looks from strangers. But how much are you used to the curls themselves? 

If you’re a straighty, chances are you’ve got your hair routine down to a tee. Then your little one arrived with a head full of glorious curls you had no idea what to do with! (Be honest, is the thought of warmer weather and school holidays just round the corner enough to make you go grabbing for the scissors?) It can feel overwhelming, we get it. But whilst curls certainly need a bit more TLC, there’s no reason for them to be your enemy. 

If fact, how you react to and approach your child’s curls is a crucial part of them accepting who they are and learning to love themselves. So, it’s fabulous that you’ve found your way to this blog! Because we’re here to tell you everything you need to know to master a routine that makes you and your little ones embrace their crowning glory.

Curly haired girl with mother

Be Positive and Build Confidence Around Curls

If there’s only one thing you take away from this blog let it be this: you should do everything you can to make your child understand that their curls are something to be worn with pride. Which means being very careful about the language you use when you talk about their hair. Your need to reframe your own understanding of curls first. They are not, for example, something to be tamed or conquered. They’re something to be nourished and cherished. 

Never say anything negative about your child’s hair out of frustration. (Although by taking the time to properly educate yourself about curl care you’re already much less likely to feel this way.) Instead, work on passing on your new-found curl confidence through positive reinforcement and compliments. 

Boy on swing with curly hair

Promote Positive Hair Role Models

The real risk to your child’s self-confidence comes when they start school. It may be that your little one starts to dislike their curls or wants straight hair because they’ve started to see themselves as “different.” As a parent, you’re the person best placed to promote inclusivity and diversity. Things that will help your child understand that their curls are part of a whole spectrum of hair types. All of which are beautiful in their own right. Try to normalise this through your book and TV choices, making sure you find plenty of opportunities to introduce natural and empowering hair role models of all types but especially curls. We’ll be providing lots of tips and examples of how to do this in our upcoming piece so be sure to come back and check out future blogs!

Wash Less Frequently but Condition Well

The next stage of your curl journey is learning how to keep your little one’s tresses healthy. This starts by understanding that you will probably wash your child’s curls less often than you wash your own straight hair. That’s because using too much shampoo will dry their hair out when it’s moisture it needs most. However, our deep cleansing shampoo is specially formulated for curls so it removes impurities without removing the natural oils.

Nevertheless, you should always use more conditioner than shampoo. And for renewed definition in between washes, refresh the curls with a spray bottle mixed with a little of our silky leave-in conditioner. 

girl with short curly hair

Ditch The Brush and Hairdryer

If you’re still desperately trying to drag a brush through your kid’s hair, stop! Trying to brush curls when they’re dry will damage them and cause the frizz you’ve been doing everything to avoid. Bin the brush and replace it with a wide-tooth comb or better still, just use your fingers whilst the hair is wet with a generous amount of moisturiser applied. Start at the ends of the hair and delicately work your way up to the roots, detangling any knots as you go. 

When it comes to drying, leaving the hair to airdry is always best. But if you MUST use a hairdryer, you’ll need to attach a diffuser to avoid disrupting the natural wave or curl pattern.

Have Fun with Styles and Colour

And finally, remember to both have fun! Updos, twists, braids, buns, fringes and free flowing manes; curls open up a world of endless possibilities to get excited about. Give your little one space to dictate their own style. Let them experiment with colour by adding clips, ribbons and bows so they feel like they have ownership of their hair. That way your little ones will soon be wearing those natural crowns like the kings and queens that they are.

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